Give Hair Plopping A Try For Super Defined Curls


Ladies with curly hair often face a problem called frizz after they wash and dry their hair. But there's a trick called "hair plopping" that can help make your curls smooth and nice. This method works best when your hair is somewhere between wet and dry.

What is Hair Plopping?

Hair plopping is a simple way to style your curly hair. You wrap your hair in a towel or a T-shirt, like making a turban on your head. This helps your curls stay curly and dries them in their natural shape. The best part is you don't need to use heat, and it's fast - only around 10 to 20 minutes. Here's how to do it:

Get Your Hair Ready

After you wash your hair in the shower, use a wide comb to remove any tangles. Dry your hair a bit with a towel, then gently twist it to get rid of extra water. Once your hair is damp, run your fingers through it, and put on your favorite hair product to keep your curls looking good. Try using things like Moisture-Defining Whip or Wave-Defining Hair Mousse. They're good for your hair and won't make it feel heavy.

Plop It

If you're using a T-shirt, put it on a counter or bed with the sleeves in front of you. Bend over so your hair is hanging down, and put the crown of your head on the shirt's fabric. Pull the bottom of the shirt up to the back of your neck. Take the sleeves and twist them towards your armpits. Pull the sleeves through the knot in the front of your head, so they hang down like a turban.

You can also use a towel by laying it flat on a counter or bed and doing the same steps, wrapping the ends around your head and twisting the extra parts before tucking them under the towel. But be careful, not all towels work well for this. We suggest using the Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel Wrap because it's light and works well.

Let Your Hair Dry

You can leave the towel on for more than 20 minutes if you want, but usually, that's enough time. While you wait, you can do other things in your morning routine. When you take the towel off, your curls should look great and stay in shape.

Final Words

To sum up, hair plopping presents a straightforward and efficient solution for individuals with curly hair who grapple with post-wash frizz. Wrapping damp hair in a towel or T-shirt harnesses the hair's natural tendencies, yielding smoother, well-defined curls without resorting to heat styling. Its simplicity and relatively short time investment makes it an appealing addition to any curly hair care routine, offering a practical way to embrace and enhance natural curls while minimizing frizz-related concerns.

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