How To Brush Curly Hair Without Causing Frizz

Handling curly hair can feel like tackling complex challenges. While numerous online guides offer advice on brushing curly hair to avoid frizz, they often overlook a crucial fact: brushing curly hair isn't the solution. In fact, brushes and curly hair aren't a good match at all. This advice extends to wavy hair as well. So, what's the right way to manage it? How can you safely detangle your waves or curls without causing damage or frizz?

While there are techniques for managing curly or wavy hair, they don't involve traditional brushes. Regular brushes are too harsh for these hair types, resulting in damage, breakage, and frizz. Instead, opt for safer methods like using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to detangle. However, there are specific guidelines to follow to prevent harm. Let's explore these techniques for detangling and safeguarding your waves and curls from frizz and damage.

Steer Clear of Brushing Dry Hair

Effective detangling happens in the shower after thoroughly wetting your hair and applying ample conditioner. This creates slip between the comb or fingers and your hair, as well as between hair strands. This slip minimizes snagging and breakage, which are prime contributors to frizz. By following this approach, you can dodge those frustrating moments.

Untangle from the Bottom Up

Attempting to detangle an entire head of curly hair, even with a brush or fingers, can lead to breakage and damage due to the force required. Instead, divide your hair into small sections and start detangling from the bottom. This technique reduces stress on your hair and minimizes damage during your regular detangling routine.

Hydrate Your Hair

Well-nourished and hydrated hair is less prone to breakage and tangling during brushing or detangling. Optimal hair condition results in fewer tangles, increased flexibility before breakage, and easier combing. To maintain your hair's health, avoid products that could dry it out and ensure you're nourishing it with sufficient water and nutrients.

Consider a Detangling Spray

After foregoing brushes, carefully detangling from the bottom, and adequately nourishing your hair, a detangling spray might be helpful if you still encounter stubborn tangles. Regularly incorporating detangling products designed for curls can reduce tangling between washes. These products enhance slip and often complement other styling aids. This approach saves time and effort and shields your hair from potential damage, breakage, and frizz.


By following these gentle methods, you're giving your curls the love and care they deserve, resulting in healthier, more beautiful curls that truly shine.

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